Antarctic Harbinger I

Antarctic Harbinger I, 20cm H x 33cm L x 19cm D, £750.

From the ongoing Throwdown at the Hoedown Series, this piece is inspired by icebergs and is part of the Aquasphere section of the Series. The harbingers always have wings and, as by tradition, they are messengers. This fierce, beautiful character came after the major news about huge breaks in the antarctic ice shelf.

Throwdown at the Hoedown: the story

A trichotomy of the Earth, the Guardians of the Aquasphere, the Lithosphere and the Atmosphere arose and they, and their Sentinels and Harbingers took on characteristics that the many life-forms of the Biosphere could relate to so that all would understand what was happening; They were going to let loose their forces. This was not to threaten or  punish. They simply knew it was time.

The Aquasphere

It is changes with water that cause the most upheaval to the Biosphere. Water holds centre stage in the atmosphere’s massive weather events. More often than not it is at the forefront of dramatic episodes in the lithosphere: mud-slides, sink-holes, erosion and sometimes the provocation of volcanos.

Water takes so many forms: flowing (fresh and salt), vapour, ice. Each has a range of characteristics. The primary character is the Leviathan but there are many others involved.

Rebecca Buck Osprey Studios

Antarctic Harbinger I, 20cm H x 33cm L x 19cm D.

Sculpture Care

This piece is smoke-fired ceramic. It is not frost proof as smoke-firing requires a low-fired, porous ceramic and the soft, beautiful colours, which go right into the clay, will change if it is left in bright sunlight. It is finished with white mineral oil and you can wash the piece in hot soapy water to remove dust and grime and then apply more mineral once it’s thoroughly dry (this will take a few days) if you would like to bring out the colours more.

Purchase this Sculpture

All the information you need to purchase this sculpture is  in the Osprey Studios Shop.

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