Arctic Harbinger

Arctic Harbinger, 33cm L x 13cm H x 12cm D, £600.

I have seen the difference between the Arctic and the Antarctic as the Arctic being a sea surrounded by land and the Antarctic land surrounded by sea. This radiant and protective harbinger is from an Arctic estuary in the on-going Throwdown at the Hoedown Series. She combines the Lithosphere and the Aquasphere. The three spheres cover all that is water, stone or air. At first that seemed simple. But the three over-lap all over the place. And combining with sunlight, they build the whole of the Biosphere that they nurture and threaten.

Rebecca Buck Osprey Studios
Arctic Harbinger, 33cm L x 13cm H x 12cm D.

In the preceding Landscape Series a section of sculptures in the Reclining Figure tradition called The Land emerged. These were closely related to forms from The Edge Series :

I joke that The Edge is about Death but it’s not actually that clear cut. Boarders, turning points, changes we choose or that creep up on us all have an edge we need to pass. These sculptures are about reaching that point and the many, mixed emotions we get about it. Essentially there are two places shown with a door between them. The emphasis can be on any part.’

The Throwndown sculptures are not directly about us, they are about the three spheres of  water, stone and air that make up our world. We are a small part of the Biosphere, made from the other three and The Land figures are more about our place in the story. Arctic Harbinger is part of this cross-over area. There is a maternal nurturing there, a gentle compassion for living things. The Harbingers come in all frames of emotion to tell the Biosphere of the dramatic changes that are coming.

Sculpture Care

Placed on a wooden base this free-standing piece is smoke-fired ceramic. It is lovely to handle. It is not frost proof as smoke-firing requires a low-fired, porous ceramic and the soft, beautiful colours, which go right into the clay, will change if it is left in bright sunlight. It is finished with white mineral oil and you can wash the piece in hot soapy water to remove dust and grime and then apply more mineral once it’s thoroughly dry (this will take a few days) if you would like to bring out the colours more.  It is lovely to handle.

Purchase this Sculpture

All the information you need to purchase this sculpture is  in the Osprey Studios Shop.

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