Biosphere Sentinel IV £650

The Sentinels in the ongoing Throwdown at the Hoedown Series, watch our world and pass the changes they see on to the guardians. There is always the question of how they feel about it all and wether they would step in and act, how possessive or protective they become.Rebecca Buck Osprey Studios

Biosphere Sentinel IV, 45cm H x 36cm W x 25cm D.

Sculpture Care

Made in mixed architectural ceramic this sculpture will last for centuries in any weather. The patina of raw earth pigments in a binder will deepen over time as the natural world adds to it. It can be cleaned in soapy water and once dry waxes can be polished over the tips to enhance the texture and colours.

Purchase this Sculpture

All the information you need to purchase this sculpture is  in the Osprey Studios Shop.

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